COVID-19 Updates

All of the past and present updates regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic have been posted on this page. Any new updates will be added to this with the most current information listed at the top. As the district moves into the reopening stages over the summer and into the fall, please check back here for more information and updates.

Newest Guidance Released

The following links are information that has been sent out regarding COVID-19 and guidance released from the State. Please reach out with any questions.


Staying Home from School or Childcare When Your Child is Sick 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine for Preteens/Teens 2021

School Update Fall 2021

Return to Learn & Reopening Plan

The following link opens WBM's current reopening plan. This will be an ongoing document as decisions and changes are always occurring during these times. The most up-to-date document will be displayed when opened.

Return to Learn/Reopening Plan

Return to Learn Checklist

Dept. of Education COVID Guidance - 7.30.2020

Upcoming Events