Palo Alto Public Health Update

At 11:00 Governor Reynold’s updated the state on new research regarding mask-wearing and quarantine. Please see the attached letter from Sarah Strohman at Palo Alto Public Health. Masks are required for grades 3-12th and are highly recommended for preschool-2nd grade, but I would like to continue requiring them as much as possible for the preschool-2nd graders. As long as all students are wearing masks and if they would happen to come into contact with a positive case of COVID within the school setting, there is no longer a reason to quarantine unless that child develops symptoms. This will help us a lot by keeping students in school! Please take the time to read the attached letter. Let me know if you have any questions.

Amanda Schmidt, Superintendent

Palo Alto Public Health Update - 9.28.2020

Mission Statement

The West Bend-Mallard school will provide quality and equitable educational experiences to prepare all students to be responsible and productive citizens committed to life-long learning.